Americans The Soft Targets

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They say the goldfish and the hamster are neck and neck for the animal with the shortest memory. Some days I think that the typical American is right up there in that race. Why, you ask? Well both the hamster and the goldfish never forget that the world is a violent and dangerous place for them, Americans seem to forget rather quickly. The bombings in Boston are a perfect example of getting complacent with your surroundings and falling into what is known in Jeff Cooper’s color code as “white.” I covered situational awareness awhile back, but today I want to throw my thoughts out there on the bombing and bring up a few points that I feel are not being covered.

Who remembers Chris Dorner? Former cop, Barack Hussein Obama supporter, staunch anti-gun (according to his manifesto), cop killer, kidnapper…. Anyone? He sparked a huge man hunt that spanned California and even into Mexico. The people of Big Bear Lake were terrified for days as the man hunt went on. The memory of a married couple getting tied up in their home easily escaped America’s memory.

Sandy Hook was in December. We saw evil on a whole new scale. Barry even went as far as dragging the parents of the dead children to Washington last week to remind Americans that we needed to give up some gun rights to make sure it never happened again…. but America forgot there are evil people among us.

Fast forward to last week we have a huge crowd of people collectively unaware of their surroundings. Nobody noticed two bags left unattended sitting among the crowd. Nobody noticed two men lay down their backpacks and walk away without even saying “Sir, you forgot something.” American’s forgot about the new rules put into place after the September 11th tragedies about unattended bags in airport terminals. If one person would have been more aware, lives would have been saved.

As Americans need to be thankful that the Boston bombing was just two kids with no plan. People with a plan don’t knock over a 7-eleven and steal a car. We, as Americans, were very fortunate that it wasn’t a group of 20, well-armed with bombs and a plan. It took thousands of militarized cops and agents from the entire alphabet soup of government organizations to find one 19-year-old kid. The Truth About Guns hit the nail on the head when they wrote,

No disrespect to the law enforcement officers chasing after terrorist Dzhokar Tsarnaev. They’re doing what cops gotta do. But let’s think about this. Nearly 10,000 heavily armed cops and soldiers chasing after one guy with a million-plus Bay Staters in lockdown. The bad guy’s image is all over the media. Mass transit? Shut down. Businesses? Closed. Colleges, schools? Empty. Street traffic? Non-existent. And yet Tsarnaev’s nowhere to be found. Now imagine a few thousand armed Americans resisting government tyranny. What are the odds that militarized police could hunt them down? Wolverines? Well exactly.

Shelter-in-place? Let’s call it what it was. Martial Law. “There’s a wolf on the loose!  So all you sheep must stay in your pens and barns.” Get in your house and wait for the friendly police to stop by and ask you a few questions…. Sit and wait. How many people do you think were happy they had a gun in the house at the ready to defend themselves and their family if need be? Or “I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a high-capacity magazine?”

Americans forget. We see things like the Dorner incident, the tragedy of Sandy Hook, along with the Boston bombing and some people will be vigilant in keeping an eye out on their surroundings for a month or two but others will forget in a week and go back to their haze of social media and technology. Most people who are going to be reading my blog are switched on enough to know what things to keep their eyes out for, like suspicious bags dropped in the middle of a crowd of folks. I had an exchange with a girl I knew in high school on Facebook shortly after the second bomber’s capture. She claimed that now more than ever she didn’t want to have kids for fear of bringing them into such a scary world. I responded it is up to us as parents to teach our kids enough that situational awareness is natural. She responded that there was no way to stop such an atrocity.

The hamster and the goldfish know there is scary evil shit out there naturally, we need to make sure other Americans realize it and don’t forget it. Until every American remembers America will continue to be a soft target and events like this will continue to happen and we will continue to collectively give up our rights bit by bit to the “professional sheepdogs” to keep us safe. We need to change the mindset of people and it needs to happen sooner than later.

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