It is a good day to be a gun owner. Today was a major battle in the war against our rights and through the smoke and fire we still stand tall. We gave them the vote they wanted…. no, begged for, and they couldn’t get everyone in their party on board the civilian disarmament train. As expected the closest vote of the day for gun-control came from the Machin-Toomey amendment.  It was close but missed the mark by 6 votes. Even closer yet was the amendment for National Reciprocity only missing the majority by 3.

There were a few highlight moments I wanted to touch on that I am certain will entertain everyone else as much as it did me. The Feinstein Assault Weapon Ban failed MISERABLY. But here is the kicker, 40 Senators still voted for it. Make sure you click the link there and see how yours voted. I am a little pissed to tell all my Ohio readers that Brown voted along side the Wicked Witch from the West to ensure that our right to keep and bear arms was limited. I hope you join me in writing him and informing him he made a horrible mistake and making sure he is voted out of office the next time he is on the hot seat. I will have more on Brown later because after looking at all the votes today he voted against his constituents every time.

Another highlight was watching Barack Hussein Obama get severely butt hurt on camera over not getting his way. Of course he had to climb up on that soap box and wave the bloody shirt of some innocent victims. He called it a “sad day for Washington” and also said the administration would do “everything it can without Congress to protect Americans.” As you can see in the video he literally looked like a child throwing a tantrum and I am certain he didn’t score himself any points with the American people for his cause.

Speaking of the American people and Barry. He mentioned that 90% of Americans want more gun-control. That is a bit of a stretch based on the Gallup poll done recently saying only 4% feel it is the most important problem facing America today.

Again this is a major battle and we need to be proud of ourselves for doing all we did to help win it. Every letter, email, fax, and phone call is what made today happen. Keep in mind this isn’t the last of our fight. There will always be another tragedy, another shooting, and another crazy so we must stay vigilant and when it comes time to step into that ballot box we need to keep our rights in mind.

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