The Confusion On Manchin-Toomey Bill

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There seems to be a lot of confusion on the Manchin-Toomey bill. I have sat and read all night long and there are tons of varying stances for and against. One of the better articles I have read is from the Examiner showing the clear division. Even with the clear division the vote seems to be happening today whether we like it or not. I guess we wait and see what happens. The one of the lines out of the article I linked to above that relates to my stance is,

But really, all this is just arguing over dancing angels and heads of pins — the only acceptable answer for hard core gun owners is going to be “No,” and arguments about “goodies” and “Christmas tree ornaments” are hardly going to be persuasive to men and women who take their Bill of Rights seriously, because they know it was secured with powder, lead, steel and blood.

And of you read a little further the Author is saying what I have said in the past. That if it was really about the children and they really wanted to make a difference this would be a completely different debate.

Gottlieb is evidently operating under the assumption that without Manchin-Toomey, the Schumer bill will survive the House. That sense is shared with some other leaders in the gun rights community who agree that “we” will have to give up “something,” because our representatives won’t dare do nothing, itself more of an opinion than anything, but if the point is to be conceded, why not do “something” in the name of real advancements, such as proposing all the “goodies” CCRKBA salted the background check amendment with, but without the concessions?  Why help a bad bill that has the potential to stir up a hornet’s nest become more palatable? Why not champion the one thing that actually has a chance at reducing violence by going after phony “gun free zones”?

BOOM! Sounds like great minds think alike, and to finish it off I thought it would be fitting to just end this with the last part of David Codrea’s article,

If the rejoinder to that is “they” might pass something “worse,” let them try. I’ll fight them every step of the way (and if just a tenth of gun owners took that position we would be politically invincible, so once more the do-nothing grousers share in much of the blame), and if in spite of that Congress still passes the Gottlieb-Manchin-Toomey pact (or something “worse”) outlawing all but exempted private sales, and if the President signs it into law, the day it becomes effective I pledge to defy it and conduct an “illegal” transfer with someone who poses no danger to anyone — unless you poke him with a stick.

Because all the negotiations and deal-making and compromises notwithstanding, ultimately, the Second Amendment means what serious people with guns say it does, and since some of us will not back down nor cede another inch, we’ll just have to see how hard those who would force us to bend to their will have the arrogance to push. That’s the singular miscalculation those otherwise brilliant players on “our side,” who think things can all be settled with a roll call, the autographing of a piece of paper or the banging of a gavel haven’t factored into their equations.

We will not disarm. And we are everywhere.

Amen brother.

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