Picture Of Giveaway #2 Winner And Setting up #3

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I know it has been some time since the winner was announced and this post but everyone has busy lives outside of the internet so we all will have to deal with it. As most of you know we did our second giveaway on March 8th. The goal was 150 Facebook likes (the number has grown since and we are at 231 as of tonight) and we reached it pretty quick. I drew the winner and Virginia Hopper won. She just sent me a pic of her alongside her new NUoSU Concealment holster.

holster winner pic

Congrats Virginia! I want to say thanks again to Adam over at NUoSU Concealment for donating a holster for the giveaway. Make sure you head over to his site and put him to work.

Now onto the next giveaway. I think we need to do more Facebook likes so head over there and click the like button. I think we might start doing giveaways at major calibers. Since we are at 231 the next one will have to be at 308. Same rules apply as before you get more entries if you like the Facebook page and subscribe by email. You can subscribe by email in the upper left hand column on this page. When we are closer to the goal I will announce what the winners will receive. You won’t be disappointed I promise. Tell everyone and get them to join up in the fun and get registered for the giveaway.

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