I’m pretty sure you yell that today once, I did. I thought we were starting to head out of the woods a little. So what now? What does it mean? Give me a minute and I will try to explain.

We now have a “Compromised” bill headed to the floor for debate. What is in the bill? We have no flipping idea and to me that is bullshit but this is becoming a common theme anymore with “the most transparent White House in history.” (that is a rant for another day) I felt rather sold out undoubtedly like you did by our supposed “gun friendly” republican senators. They are supposed to be filibustin and stuff!! Well it seems they have decided to play chicken with members of the other party who live in very gun friendly states with our gun rights smack dab in the middle of the road.

It seems the Republicans are trying to oust a few of the right-leaning members of the other party and they believe that getting those members to stand up with the other Democrats and the President himself on record as being anti-gun will get them removed from office come 2014. Gutsy tactical move. I have said before that our side knows how to hold a grudge. We are a spiteful and vengeful hoard that will make you pay if you piss on our rights and the republicans are using that to their advantage. These certain senators have the option of getting in line with their constitutents or getting kicked out of office.

It sucks pretty bad that the Senate is even considering any form of gun legislation that restricts the second amendment more than it already is. But we need to keep in mind that this has now been voted to the Senate floor for DEBATE and amendment. (Emphasis added) If this is going to be as fun of a debate as the last hot button issue was in the Senate we need to start popping some pop corn and watch the magic of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz unfold. I fully expect their debate to be full of pure concentrated awesome and I am looking forward to it. I’m hoping these two get up destroy all the misinformation that the anti-gun side has spewed at us for the last 5 months. My ultimate dream is the two of them tagging each other like a WWF Constitutional tag team match at the podium. LOL

All of my pleasure hinges on one thing though, that Harry Ried doesn’t try to pull some tricky stuff. This reason is why I keep second guessing even allowing it to move forward. It puts Harry in a funny position. He was praying for a filibuster so they could paint the republicans unreasonable and evil as usual. Since that plan didn’t work out Harry has no way to protect his fellow party members so he either has to offer up a very watered down bill or sacrifice his own.

In the end it looks like the Republicans have a plan and if that plan fails we could take a few steps backwards just as we were starting to breathe a little easier. Congress is still overwhelmingly against any new gun control measures so that is still on our side. Lets see where this takes us and hopefully watch Rand and Ted do some great work on the debate. I will do my best to keep you all updated the best I can.

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  1. Adam says:

    Don’t forget Mike Lee from Utah. He, Paul, and Cruz are a awesome combo to fight for our rights!

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