You aren’t going to find this on any mainstream station. This is exactly what they don’t want you to hear? A study on gun control that involved 15,000 verified law enforcement professional you would expect to be all over the mainstream stations right? Especially after being dubbed the most comprehensive study of it kind! CRICKETS. Crickets is all we are hearing on a study conducted by

Lets try to forget about the study for a second and see what we are seeing in the news today…. We have Drunk Uncle Joe lecturing a room full of law enforcement officers!

“What are you going to say to those parents?” Biden asked at a White House event, noting parents who recently lost loved ones to gun violence. “Look them in the eye and tell them you concluded there’s nothing you can do?”

Biden, speaking to an audience of law enforcement officers from around the country as part of the administration’s efforts this week to pressure Congress on gun legislation, revealed during his remarks that he had shared breakfast with families who lost loved ones in December’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

When you are finished slamming your head off the closest hard surface I will continue onto the study….. All finished? Ok good.

The survey consisted of nearly 30 questions and the vast majority of respondents were “field-level law enforcers.” These are the cops out on the streets not the ones sitting in the offices pushing paper or wiping the feces of a rowdy off the cell wall. I would like to post up some of the findings that I think you will find pretty surprising especially seeing all the officers being used as props by the administration. You might also find it surprising that some cops aren’t so thrilled to help push the presidents plans either. On to the facts.

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What?!?! NOWAY! You mean that taking away from the people who don’t commit violent crimes will have no effect? You think that the violent side of society will just continue to be violent? Crazy speak!!!

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91% feel that Banning assault weapons will have zero to negative effect versus only 8% saying other wise.

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The white house said it’s for the children’s safety they never mentioned the officers.

The survey goes on and on completely destroying the false idea of gun control making any difference. Plan on the powers that be to ignore this and pretend like it never happened just as they do with everything that doesn’t fit their agenda. From this link you can snatch up the PDF file and see the complete survey and read the findings for yourself. You will be pretty surprised at the results on some of the questions I am certain.

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