Bloody T-Shirts and Muddy Boots

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It just keeps getting better and better. Once I think the anti-gun side has exhausted all their avenues of political gain by exploiting twenty dead children they manage to pull another bullet ridden rabbit out of their hat. The president and the White house is pulling out all the stops and taking no prisoners by flying a small number of family members back to Washington with him aboard his personal jet… er…. I mean Air Force One. From the article I linked to above:

The White House says Obama is going to argue in his speech that lawmakers have an obligation to the children killed and other victims of gun violence to act on his proposals.

Remember it’s all about the children. I do slightly agree, we have an obligation to the children in a way of preventing this from ever happening again, but none of his proposals will prevent a massacre like this from happening. I will say it again – not one of the President’s proposals. Connecticut already had an Assault Weapons ban in place when the Sandy Hook incident took place and have since doubled down on it, but not one person is safer because of it.

Being that this week is a make it or break it week with respect to gun control I suppose it is no surprise that we are going to see some serious exploitation going on. The Politico brings out the week’s playbook for the “Obama, Biden, and Michelle anti-gun road show”.

Obama’s appearance in Hartford will be his third speech in as many weeks, calling on Congress to adopt universal background checks. Obama has met  repeatedly with the parents and family members of the 26 victims of the Newtown  massacre and others who have lost family to shootings.

Biden and first lady Michelle Obama will also hold events on gun control  throughout the week.

Biden will host his own gun control event with local law enforcement  officials Tuesday at the White House and is scheduled to appear on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to discuss guns Thursday morning.

And Michelle Obama will be in Chicago on Wednesday to speak about gun  violence.

So what do they want? Well, what they want and what they are going for are two different things. The issue they are aiming for “compromise” on is universal back ground checks and the senate is their only real hope so far. The Politico breaks it down in a great article. Basically if they can’t get what they want they intend to paint any pro-gun politician as an obstructionist and a child killer. A quote from a top democratic aide,

Plan A is if there’s no deal, and we have status quo, we move forward with the  bill that we have and let the chips fall where they may. Democrats would then paint Republicans as obstructionist and say they are  afraid to debate the issue. By Monday, we should know which direction we’re  heading in.

Maybe I added the child killer part?

With all the political winds blowing in every direction, the consumers keep buying in order to keep ahead of any possible federal overreach that may occur. Ammo manufacturers are pumping out ammunition as fast as they can to meet demand. Hornady had changed their FAQ page on their website to help with some of the confusion people may have when it comes to our current situation.

Speaking of Hornady, have you emailed your reps lately? Hornady has added a Protect Your Rights page to their website to help you contact everyone that represents you from the President all the way down to state legislators. Use it often.

In closing I just want everyone to be reminded we are still in a battle for our rights and we need to stay vigilant and up to date on the issues at hand. No new gun control laws should be passed on our watch. Universal background checks wouldn’t have stopped the horrible crimes committed at Sandy Hook. A Universal background check would do nothing to prevent someone from stealing gun from a person they just murdered. If we want to make a difference we need enforce the thousands of gun laws already on the books. Would one more gun law make a difference to a deranged spree killer walking into a movie theater? No, and if a delusional politician wants to try to convince you otherwise by waiving the bloody shirts of murdered children, while they dance on the graves of victims, remind them of the gun free utopia of Chicago and have them explain how gun control there has worked.

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  1. Laiken says:

    My favorite part about the Presidents little trip yesterday… His quote of “This is not about politics”. I must be crazy then, because I’m pretty sure placing yourself in front of grieving families is a classic “i look like a hero” political gain move. And I must be missing something.. personally flying families on tax payer dollars on Air Force One to Washington for the stated purpose of “lobbying for our cause” , isn’t political?

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