Spring Weekend Round Up 4/6-4/7

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Since weather is getting warmer and I have taken the weekends off from writing I think I will start Mondays with weekend recaps.

I had a pretty relaxed weekend hanging with a couple of buddies. One is an avid reloader/shooter and the other is a shooter and admin over at the SAFF (Semi Automatic Firearms Federation) on Facebook. First thing in the morning on saturday we found a new gun store in our area that is very out-of-the-way. It is a true mom and pops store ran out of a converted two car garage behind their house. We talked with them for a while and found out they have been there for 6 years without most locals even knowing. I will be stopping back just to get the personal service I have misd from a store that is even closer to my house.

We spent Saturday afternoon at a private steel course. The sound of lead hitting steel is something of beauty. If you have never had a chance to shoot at a steel course I highly recommend finding one.

Here are a few videos of me running the course. I started a new Youtube channel to share videos of weekend shoots at. You can find it by searching for AbsoluteBSblog on Youtube.  These runs aren’t pretty runs at all but nobody else wanted to be on video.

Some slight commentary from the peanut gallery when the Texas star dropped a couple for me.

After we were finished shooting we headed back to my place to let the guys check out the Dillon and run a few of our spent rounds through it since I finally was able to pick up 1300 small pistol primers last week. About 500 rounds was ran loaded in total this weekend and that puts it around 1000+ now and I am working on notes for a review now that I feel I have spent enough time with it.

loaded rounds

This ammo can is heavier than you would think!

While I was restocking my 9mm supply I handed over two of my OD P-mags for some stipple work. I have to say I am pretty happy the way they turned out. I thought about giving one away as a giveaway or contest so if anyone has any ideas send them to me. Here is a shot of them finished up.

Absolute BS P-mags

Absolute BS P-mags

Sunday brought about some other hobbies that don’t get talked about enough on the blog but with spring around the corner you can expect for me to talk more about gardening and prepping. I ended up starting my window herb garden. The wife is pretty excited to soon be able to open the kitchen window and clip off any fresh herb she wants. I’m excited to try growing something you don’t hear much about in this area, peanuts. It is just an experiment now to see if it works but if it pans out I thought it would be kinda cool. I’m thinking about starting into a Paleo diet after listening to my friend talk about how it works. I have heard about it before but never actually got to pick someones brain first hand about it and he is very knowledgable on the subject. I’m not over weight by any means. I am 5’8″ and 155 pounds but I want to start eating healthier so this seems like a great thing to try.

It isn’t often I have a weekend like this one and I couldn’t have planned it any better. I am refreshed and relaxed after a long weekend of fun. I finally got to kick back and have a few laughs along with a few brews with good friends and that’s the most important part. Next weekend I look forward to bringing you a recap from my NRA Instructor course and hopefully shed a little light on my future plans that will go along with the completions of the course.

Feel free to let me know how your weekend went on our Facebook page or over on Shooters legion. And if you have any ideas for a good way to give away one of the Absolute BS p-mags feel free to let me know.

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  1. Absolute – If you are considering Paleo, make sure to check out marksdailyapple.com. Mark is one of the leaders in Primal/Paleo life and while I’ve slacked a bit, I was never healthier during the 18 months that I was 85-90% Paleo and looking forward to going back now that it’s spring.

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