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Posted: April 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I am very fortunate to have a really nice Local Gun Club roughly 7 mins from my house. We had our monthly meeting tonight and it had me thinking about a few things I wanted to point out. The club I belong to is a private range open to all members 24/7 with two trap houses, outdoor rifle range, outdoor pistol range, and an indoor pistol range. I can honestly say that I have no idea how I survived all those winters without shooting before I joined a few years back. This year things have been quite different then years past though. The last 4 months attendance has been standing room only during meetings when it used to be only 15 to 20 members on a good night. We are also spending the majority of the time going over applications of new members and have now had to come to the hard thought out decision to cap membership to keep the range readily available to all current members.

All this is directly contributed to the events that took place in December last year. Since the Sandy Hook shooting and the following push for more gun control legislation. Before and after meetings if you just sit and listen to the talking going on all around you the theme is pretty much the same with every conversation. The lack of ammunition, big government, price gouging, so and so has primers/powder, the list goes on and on.

I wanted to point out tonight that I am pretty happy to see so much interest coming to our little club. This means a couple things. First, all the community out reach is paying off. Our club offers Concealed Carry classes once a month and sometimes twice if it is on special request. If you are following the blog on Facebook you have seen me mention that I have assisted with some classes on Saturdays to get my feet wet in the teaching and training area. Secondly, people are taking new people shooting. I usually take someone shooting with me once a week and more times than not they ask me how they can become a member. This is how we fight gun control by letting someone experience what it is like to go shooting. Letting them exercise that second amendment and showing them it is their right makes it harder for shitty politicians to convince them that we need more common sense laws.

The fight starts at a local level and there is no better way then to get involved with your local gun clubs. Take someone shooting. Talk to the fence setters and give them the facts. Keep contacting your representatives federal and local. Again remember everything starts on a local level, there is where we are going to win our war.

Keep updated with the blog on Facebook as spring slowly rolls in you will be sure to catch some great pictures of me and my shooting buddies at our LGC. Also check out Shooters Legion where very soon the Forum will be going live and you will be able to find things in your region to join to help that local level push we are talking about.

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