Why The Press Check Is Essential

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Sometimes its the small things that can cost us dearly when forgotten. The press check seems like something that can be easily overlooked and it could possibly cost you your life. Instead of the gun going bang when you need it you are only going to get a click because you forgot to do a simple press check before putting the gun in the holster that day.

How many times a week do you unload your gun for cleaning, dry fire practice, or even when finishing up at the range and switching back from range ammo to carry ammo. Do you always check to make sure the gun not only has a mag in but also a round chambered? Here is a little story. Last summer I left the range and switched back from fmj ammo to my hollow points, or so I thought. I ended up carrying for 3 days straight without a round in the chamber because I forgot to press check after swapping mags out. I was in a hurry. If something would have happened in between my range visits it could have ended badly for me.

So what is the solution? Get into the habit of press checking every time before you drop your gun into your holster. Don’t just trust the loaded chamber indicator either. There is always a chance of something getting lodged underneath the indicator and give you a false reading. Take the few seconds to manually check and see.

An example of performing a press check. Photo courtesy of Zane Boyd Training

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