Situational Awareness Is Key

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We are seeing more and more incidents where “flash mobs” are showing up and causing a havoc. The latest being in the gun free utopia of Chicago. With these becoming more prevalent we need to remember to keep our eyes up and aware of our surroundings.

Remember Jeff Cooper’s color code’s

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If you see an alarming number of youths and they looks like they are collectively up to no good, get out. Don’t hang around and see if something is about to happen. You can see it when you are watching the evening news or when you read about it the next day on here.

In today’s age it is easy to fall into white. With cell phones and technology it is very easy to get distracted, but we can’t fall into white for large amounts of time anymore. At the same time we cannot live in orange without giving ourselves a nervous breakdown. We need to be in that yellow zone, know your surroundings and environment. By doing this it will keep you out of situations like we to linked to above.

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