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My ATS War Belt in OD green.

My ATS War Belt in OD green.

I have experimented with my ATS War Belt for about 8 months now. I have to say when I was looking into buying one I was kinda leery. I wanted to take a few pistol and carbine classes offered in our area and was told I would need some sort of carrier for spare mags. I always liked the idea of the molle belt rigs but thought it was just a little to Tacti-cool for me. But at the urging of Adam at NUoSU Concealment (who also took the pictures for this review) to place an order with him I am glad I did. I have found it to be way more useful than I ever imagined.

ATS offers a variety of differnt colors. This is Adam's multi-cam rig.

ATS offers a variety of differnt colors. This is Adam’s multi-cam rig.

The War Belt has three rows of MOLLE webbing along with four attachment points for suspenders. I haven’t had a need for the suspenders yet since I’m not carrying too much attached to it, but we will cover that shortly. The bottom of the belt is open all the way except for the 6 o’clock position where there is about an inch and a half closed. The War Belt comes without an inner belt, but ATS offers a belt to go along with it that I recommend specifically made to match up with the War Belt. The inside of the War Belt is lined with Velcro (male side) and secures itself with the ATS War Belt insert belt that is lined with the Female side of the velcro for an absolute non-slip platform even under the hardest use.

*Pro Tip – When putting the inner belt into the War Belt I found it helpful to take some junk mail envelopes or magazine covers and wrapped them around the inner belt while it centering and sizing it into the War Belt. Also, if you are attaching anything onto the inner belt make sure it is attached before you velcro it together. It is a real bitch to try to slide it on after you attach it…. experience talking.

The outer belt is lined all the way around with a 1/4″ high density foam and coated with a moisture wicking material on the inside of the belt. The thickness I have found is just right. The padding isn’t so thick that the mag pouches or whatever you have riding on the outside are sticking out so far that they are a nuisance and bumping into everything. On the contrary, the padding is thick enough to keep the mags out just at the right distance to gain an excellent grip during mag changes.

Here you can see the inside of the belt and the non slip padding.

Here you can see the inside of the belt and the non slip padding.

In talking about mag changes I opted for sticking with ATS for both my pistol mag pouches and for my AR mag pouches also. One other add on I bought for the rig was a simple dump pouch again from ATS. The first thing I realized with the pistol mag pouches are the mags fall down in a little too far to get a definite purchase on them. Adam came up with a great fix for this problem with his kydex “molding skillz”. He ended up molding a kydex sleeve that holds the mag up while also making it easier to put the mag back into pouch. After we realized how easy it was to re-insert the pistol mags back into the pouches with the inserts inside we decided that the AR pouches needed something similar. We were having so much trouble when trying to reholster the M4 mags back to their home with one hand it was impossible, but the inserts cured all problems again.

Here you can see the mag pouches and the insert pulled up a little to show the velcro holding it in place.

Here you can see the mag pouches and the insert pulled up a little to show the velcro holding it in place.

For my holster needs I ended up going for G-code with their 2.5 inch drop off the insert belt. I really like the ease of drawing and the flexibility of adjusting the retention. The other great thing that I will be talking about in a future review is the G-Code holster and its ability to attach to separate bases.

G-Code 2.5 inch drop holster with the quick detach.

G-Code 2.5 inch drop holster with the quick detach.

Like I said in the beginning of this post I was worried that the belt would just be a range toy and I would have no other practical application and it would just end up being a “tacti-cool” investment I would later on regret. Well it turns out i have found a couple other ways it comes in super handy. First off, when I work out I like to incorporate dry fire with the SIRT pistol like I talked about in an earlier review. The belt makes it very easy to wear a pair of gym shorts and still be able to have the gun and 4 mags on my person without having to wear pants while sweating like a pig. The other use I have come across is the belt sits by my bed at night and is my goto when things go bump. Think about it, I have my Glock, 2 pistol mags, and 2 AR mags, and the flashlight right by my bed and are accessible within seconds of me getting out of bed.

Finished up working out.

Finished up working out.

In closing I will have to say that if any of my readers are considering a War Belt set up but don’t know where to start I highly recommend the ATS War Belt. There are other belt systems out there but some are 2 to 3 times the price and this belt starts at $42 for the web belt and goes up from there as you build it to fit you. I am 100% satisfied with the quality and construction and it is made in the USA according to ATS so that is a huge bonus also.

Me with my belt at the range with snow on the ground and lawn chairs blowing everywhere.

Me with my belt at the range with snow on the ground and lawn chairs blowing everywhere.

I want to thank Adam again for the pictures so everyone needs to head over to NUoSU concealment and check out their Facebook page. Don’t forget to also like our page on Facebook and get yourself signed up to win fabulous free prizes like holsters from NUoSU. There is Shooters Legion too if you want to say connected with like-minded individuals like yourself so head over there and check it out too.

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