Colorado: Even Still The Fight Goes On

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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With a never say die attitude pro-gun supporters in Colorado are looking into a recall effort against at least four Democrat legislators and the governor.  The democrats in the crosshairs are Senate President John Morse, Rep. Mike McLachlan, Sen. Evie Hudak, Rep. Rhonda Fields, and of course Gov. Hickenlooper. With the tidal wave of support from the rest of the pro-gun nation and the focus on gun rights now in the state it might not be a bad move.

Given that Hudak is still on shaky ground for flat-out arguing with a rape victim during her testimony it might not be to hard to remove her from her position. I actually passed on posting about that awhile back because there was nothing I could think to say about the senator that wouldn’t have earned myself a very explicit rating.

The best thing Colorado has going for them in a recall election like what might occur is that the democrats in place that won only by a very slim margin during the election will not have the “Stoner Turnout” that they had before. I know it sounds bad for me to say it like that but think about it a little deeper. Colorado had record turn out during this election because so many politicians were running on the legalize ticket. Many of those same candidates are the same ones that voted for this new gun control. During a recall election there will be a large percentage of recent voters staying home for the simple fact that they already got what they wanted from those candidates and have no reason to head back to the polls and pull anymore levers to help them out again.

Colorado, again I wish you the best. I will keep reporting and helping as best I can. I have always said that the pro-gun crowd was the last group you would ever want to cross, we are more spiteful, less forgiving, and seek more vengeance than any other voter category out there. Look at how we treat our own! Ask Cheaper Than Dirt how things are going. They have shelled out money left and right to as many pro-gun rights groups that they can find to buy back our affection.

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  1. […] The ruling elite have been on a serious losing streak in the state of Colorado since passing the draconian and repressive gun that went into effect on July 1st of this year. First they lost 2 state senators in a grassroots driven recall election. Next they suffered another loss after the resignation of Senator Evie Hudak in a political chess move to save her party’s hold on the senate majority. If you want more detail on you can find it here in an article we covered awhile back. […]

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