The Saga Of The Grenaded Glock

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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If you are a frequent reader you remember the post I put up about the Vickers Shooting Methods Class I attended where we had a little incident with a Glock 19 and some over charged factory ammo. Well the long road has come to an end for our friend and he has now given me permission to write about his experience in dealing with the situation.

The ammunition brand was Tulammo that was bought at a local Walmart before ammo went the way of the dinosaur. All ammo companies are running full steam ahead and there has been a number of quality control issues appearing because of the increase in production popping up. Tulammo hasn’t been the only company to have issues but according to a local Glock rep they have been the easiest to deal with in situations like these.

Here is the recap he sent me outlining the process…

2/16 Attended VSM Pistol Class. Grenaded Glock due to ammo
2/17 Write Tula USA explaining issue.
2/18 Tula responds back. makes sure I am OK, and starts process of sending out check for ammo/shipping label (overnight) to Glock
2/25 Check for Ammo, and Shipping label arrive from Tula.
2/26 Per UPS tracking site, G19 arrives at Glock.
3/5 I call Glock for status. The advise it will be $100 for a new frame. Validate it was overpreassured ammo. Say they won’t do any work until they are paid (they had not contacted me)
3/5 I call Adam at Tula explain the situation. Give him my case # with Glock etc.
3/5 Adam calls and leaves me a VM stating Glock has been paid.
3/5 Adam leaves me another VM saying Glock found more damage with the Gun, and it will be replaced. They (Tula) has already paid for it.
3/7 Called Glock to get Status. I get Sales order #, but no ETA to ship
3/12 Called Glock to get status, told to call back Thursday
3/14 Called Glock to get Status. No ETA, but the guy takes my # and tells me he will call me.
3/21 Call Glock for Status. They tell me it should be at my house today. Come home to a new G19 complete with 3 mags etc.

So in summary Tula’s customer service as A+. I found Glock’s to be somewhat lacking in the communication area. However I am all taken care of, and happy to have my gun back.

Tula stood by their product and made everything right as quickly as possible for him. Glock otherwise seemed to drag it around for a bit, but from kaboom to new Glock in the mail was just a couple of days over a month which isn’t too bad considering he could have lost his hand. I’m glad to see everything worked out for him and in a relatively timely manner.

He did send me the lot numbers just to let other readers know so if they felt a little nervous they could check their boxes.

LOT# Z361 26
LOT# Z573-12 31 01-11
LOT# Z573-12 31 01-11
LOT# Z549-12 25 15 08

He was running 4 different magazines and isn’t exactly sure what box the problematic round came from but knows it had to be one of these 4 boxes.

If you have any questions feel free to send them to me or post them in the comments sections below and I will answer them or forward them onto him. Remember to Like us on Facebook and hit us up Shooters Legion.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Dang! I have some of this brand of ammo. Have not used any of it yet. I will check my lot numbers. Thank you for the update.

  2. […] some Tula ammo. If you missed it you can find the recap of the class and the pictures here and then you can read the outcome here. Now that your memory has been refreshed I wanted to share what happened to me a few weeks […]

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