People Dont Hunt With AR-15’s

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I am a big varmint hunter. The best way for me to relax in the summer time is to grab my varmint AR (Black Betty) and head to my family’s farm. It makes me a little bitter when I hear how nobody uses an “assault weapon” to hunt. I usually hold my hand up and say “Um, I do.” I had this exact conversation with my uncle shortly after the Connecticut shooting. I had to show him these exact pictures to prove that not only was it legal to hunt with an AR but he was lied to by the news media. Shocking that the media will lie right?


My little slice of paradise and Black Betty.

Hell, just by flipping your tv on you can find multiple tv shows that promote hunting with modern sporting rifles. I guess the politicians misleading the public are too busy for shows like Predator Nation that is actually sponsored by one of the leading AR manufacturers, Rock River Arms.

So again, when you hear “Nobody hunts with and AR-15” go ahead and send them to this post where they can see that not only do a large portion of americans hunt with a modern sporting rifle but they are pretty damn successful at it.

One of the biggest ground hogs I ever bagged. (That is a 20" white oak barrel)

One of the biggest ground hogs I ever bagged.
(That is a 20″ white oak barrel)

Hopefully by the end of summer I will have a few pictures to share of Black Betty and a dead coyote or two.

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