Coleman Mountain Man Stew Review

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Reviews, Uncategorized
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Let me start off by saying I’ll eat anything. Ask my friends, my wife, or my family and they will all tell you that there isn’t much I won’t eat. I have been known to eat abnormally colored $2 steaks and enjoyed it. So it was very surprising to even myself that I couldn’t force myself to eat all the Coleman Mountain Man Stew.

Mountain Man Stew

Mountain Man Stew

Last summer I was in Wal-Mart and I was killing time while the wife shopped for something and ran across the $4.99 Coleman “Lets’s Eat Outside” food packs. They peaked my interest since I was looking for something a little smaller to toss into my Bug Out Bag than the Wise food packs I had. I thought what the heck I am going camping in a few weeks anyway maybe I will whip one of these up around the fire. Well I went camping but forgot about them in my bag and ended up eating hotdogs instead.

Tonight my wife decided to go to the movies with her friend and I was left to fend for myself on dinner. Going through the cupboards I couldn’t find anything that was appealing to me then the lightbulb came on. Ah ha! I will try one of these handy little Coleman packs and I will write a review about it since I’m tired of talking politics in every post!

Preparation was pretty straight forward. Boil 10 oz. of water and pour it into the pouch and add the vegetable packet. Wait 5-7 minutes then add the sauce packet and stir until its smooth. Let it stand for 3 minutes then enjoy. All of that was pretty easy except for the “enjoy” part. I hate to say it but it wasn’t the greatest. I would have to be pretty hungry to wanna try Mountain Man Stew again. It really makes me sad since they are made in Ohio. The taste was off and I honestly cannot put my finger on what was missing. I knew that after the 5 to 6 bites I had that it just wasn’t for me. I am hoping that the other packets I have will be better and as soon as I eat them I will let you know.

Vegetable and Sauce packets

Vegetable and Sauce packets

The stew was supposed to have potatoes, corn, beef flavored tvp (?), peas, carrots and onion but I really only saw corn and a few peas. The only thing I could taste was the flavor packet. Thinking I did something wrong I stirred and stirred more but flavor was still the same.

Finished product

Finished product

In closing I cannot tell everyone they must run out and pick it up. I couldn’t eat it and probably will avoid it in the future also. The great thing about spending my own money on the things I review is I can give you a truly honest review and this is as honest as it gets. Sorry I can’t recommend this one folks. I am glad I found out now before I ran out and bought a case of them. In a situation where I would be eating MRE style foods I would probably be in an already uncomfortable place and adding bad tasting foods to it would only make it worse. Remember to eat what you store, and store what you eat.

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  1. John P says:

    Nothing beats Mountain House Beef Stew. Glad you did this review, I was thinking of trying this one too!

  2. Fonzie says:

    The company was what made those “discolored $2 steaks” pallatable! 😉

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