Bang For Your Buck

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Let’s face it, ammo prices are outrageous  and saying that guns have inflated in price is a horrible understatement. If you are like me you are sitting around holding onto some money that in times of normalcy you would have used to fund some new toys or ammo. So what should you spend some money on right now and still get a decent amount of bang for your buck?

I have always said that getting a concealed carry permit is not the end game, I tell everyone it is just a permit to start learning more. I urge everyone that I come in contact with that tells me they want to pursue carrying a firearm that they need to take at least one class a year. I feel that as a responsible gun carrying member of society you need to knock the rust off and take a class whether it is just another beginner to work on the fundamentals again or an advanced concealed class. I have attended one so far this year and have at least 3 more on the works of being scheduled.

I would like to pose this a different way, how many guns do you have in your safe? How many of them do you really know how to operate on a level that you are 100% certain that in a serious stressful situation you could use to protect your life or your family’s? Be honest. I know lots of people who are decent shooters but add a little stress to the equation and they fall apart. Are you that guy or girl? If so, you might benefit from a short one-day class to help with understanding your limits when it comes to carrying a firearm.

Many big name training companies are aware of the situation we are in and are going out of their way to be more accommodating with lower priced classes, lower round counts, and even allowing smaller calibers such as the 22lr.  I have shot guns for a long time and I can say that I have never walked out of a class and not learned something about myself as a shooter or something that I could add to the toolbox that may not work for me but down the road I might be able to use it to help someone else. There are tons of companies out there offering one day classes at a very reasonable price.

Do yourself a favor and take a class. Don’t get caught up in the panic buying of over priced items, instead invest into yourself. Maybe someday you can take one from me?

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