Caught With My Pants Down

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I had an interesting night on Thursday night. There is a reason Murphy’s law is so well know. Let’s start with what happened and then we will move on to what we learned.

Sound asleep at 1 a.m. my dog pops her head up and starts her low grow. This is her little pre-warning alarm for me to let me know something isn’t right and she is great about it most of the time. As I start to come too I hear something that sounds like a cat not thinking much about it I started to slip back to sleep, like I said the dog is great about it most of the time. Just then my wife sits straight up and says “SOMEBODY JUST SCREAMED HELP!!!!”  Now wide awake I listen closer and sure enough I heard someone screaming at the top of their lungs “HELP!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!” As I’m throwing the covers off of me my wife is looking out the window behind our bed over looking the street and lets me know someone is stumbling up the street towards our house.

The next thing out of her mouth surprised me and made me laugh a little “Should we help them?” No, absolutely not. We don’t know this person, this could just be a ploy to get someone to open their door so they can barge in or to lure someone outside. I tell her the only help this person is getting from us is dialing 911. She grabs her cell phone off the night stand beside her side of the bed and calls. Apparently there was about 3 other people calling at the same time and they were dispatching an officer right away. As I looked over to my side of the bed I realized I was missing a key component.

war belt and SIRT

If you are a friend of Absolute BS on Facebook you saw this photo

Earlier in the day as usual I get home from work and I do my work out and dry fire practice so I had taken my ATS War Belt down stairs to train. The photo above was taken right after I finished working out. My war belt is usually kept beside my bed with my Glock 19 spare mags a flashlight. It holds everything I need to investigate bumps in the night and I love it because if I’m wearing shorts or sweatpants where there is no place to carry those essentials all I have to do is clip it on. Well I was writing late into the night and was zonked when I finally headed to bed and totally forgot it sitting down in the area of our house where I work out. As I looked over to grab it I got that horrible sink gut feeling. I had totally dropped the ball on my personal preparedness. I preach this stuff on a daily basis, I write about it constantly, I tell people they need to think long and hard about the exact situation I am now in, and I failed myself and my wife.

By now the dog is barking and growling so I told my wife to watch the guy and make sure he didn’t approach any houses especially ours and to keep her phone handy while I ran down the stairs to grab it my belt and it’s contents. I made it down and came back up in time to watch him pass our house and head up the street then to see the cruiser search lights come on. The next day I called and found out that it was an older gentleman with a touch of Alzheimer’s who got confused and was lost.

So what did I learn from this experience? I learned that Mr. Murphy is a jerk. If something can go wrong, it will. You can just bet that you can have a firearm beside your bed for 6 years straight and never need it, but the first time you forget it and it’s not there you will need it. We always need to be ready. I fell into condition white and I paid for it. If that was a person kicking doors in and pulling hot burglaries I would have been defenseless and been at the mercy of police response time.

I hope everyone can take from this and learn from my mistake. Always be diligent and not only have a plan but the tools needed to carry it out. I am now in the process of figuring out a new system to prevent this from happening again. I will be keeping a second firearm close by if I would happen to forget to put my rig back by my bed after I finish working out again. Remember, 2 is 1 and 1 is none. Also watch out for that Murphy guy and if you see him punch him in the gut once for me.

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  1. […] Another take away from this story is when you are home do you keep your gun close by? As I type now my Glock is within arms reach of my computer. When I head to bed it follows me up the stairs and sits on my night stand (unless I am a moron). […]

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