How To Correct The New Shooter Stance

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have recently been taking quite a few new shooters out to the range. (I hope you have too) There is one thing I have seen in almost every person whether they are guy or girl. The first few shots they all stand alike. I am coming around to thinking it is because we are animals and it’s our natural instinct to want to put that miniature explosion that is going to go off as far away from us as possible.

New shooter stance
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Stance and grip are the two key foundation skills that need to be addressed right out of the gate with new shooters so I decided I would try to type up what I have found is helpful when assisting someone new to the game.

It is easy to spot the guy at the range who is afraid of his gun….
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As seasoned shooters we know that standing like that will take your sights off the target and create slower follow-up shots among other things. I have found a really easy way to show the newbs why it’s not ideal.

First I ask them to hold still and make sure their stance is still the same off-balance way.

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With their finger off the trigger and preferably an empty gun, I take my index finger and middle finger and apply pressure to the front of the trigger guard. It really surprises them how little effort it takes for you to nearly push them over. With the weight back on their heels there is no driving toward the target. Be aggressive and drive the gun on target. Putting that weight forward is going to help later on when doing multiple shots or moving. I am a pretty small framed guy so I lean out extra far.


knees bent, weight forward

I hope this helps in some way. Maybe you now can show someone why they need to get their weight forward more or hopefully a new shooter reads this and they can get an idea on how to correct their stance before it becomes a hard to break bad habit.

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