Assault Weapons Ban Passes Senate Committee

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Let me start off by throwing water on the fire and say this is a long way from passing, but we still need to be contacting our representatives and senators weekly if not daily.

The AWB was voted on and as usual it stuck to party lines as expected 10-8. But the real news was Senator Ted Cruz giving it to the wicked witch from the west Dianne Feinstein. Here is the video…

HOLY CRAP! Put your fangs away there Medusa, it was just a simple question. I find it funny if you listen to her argument she never really answered the question at all. If you want to sift through her bullshit she basically said “Don’t you know who I am!?!?!?! I am more important than you so sit down and shut the hell up!” I am just amused Ted got her so riled up. This just goes to prove the crazy angry runs deep into the anti-gunners ranks.

I had one person mention they haven’t really seen one person who supports the Assault Weapons Ban, even liberal bloggers and columnists have kept quiet on the subject. Well we found out why from Politico. It seems the White House has asked the other side to keep quiet so they don’t wake up more people then there has been to the idea of them taking rights away. If only he could do the same with Shotgun Joe. By the way I read on another blog the other day that ammo prices are so high now that Joe Biden is telling his wife to only go outside and fire one blast up into the air. Times are tough Joe, times are tough.

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