Howard Leight Impact Sports Ear Muffs

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Reviews, Uncategorized
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Everyone needs hearing protection. There is no way around it. Cheap muffs or plugs just don’t to the trick. I have super sensitive hearing, even .22 makes my ears ring horribly for days. I had a generic pair of muffs from Cabela’s for years and I always was using plugs and muffs and still walking away from the range with a headache.

Christmas morning two years ago Santa showed up with a pair of electronic Howard Leight Impact Sports. This is one of the most important pieces of gear in my bag that makes a day at the range extra enjoyable. Leaving the range with the satisfaction of a good day of shooting and not having a splitting headache is worth any amount of money to me. And that amount of money really isn’t so bad when considering what the Impact Sports are going for and the amount of features on them.

As I said these are very quiet muffs. They reduce noise down to 82 db while at the same time amplifying range commands and conversation. The microphones are built so directional sounds come more natural to the person wearing them. The low profile cups make shooting shotguns and rifles no problem. Also I would like to point out that even the person with the smallest head can wear these. I wear a youth size hat and my motorcycle helmet was a XXS but they still fit snuggly and seal properly.

One feature I think a lot of people over look is the aux jack. Some nights late I like to run up to the range and be alone. It is kinda like my moment of zen. As most of you know I am a huge podcast fan also. There is nothing like listening to your favorite gun podcast while you have a range all to yourself. Just plug your mp3, Ipod, or phone into them and go.

Other features that are not so plain are the 4 hour auto shut off, the airflow control technology, and that they are powered by 2 AAA batteries. I think I have only changed batteries in mine 2 times now and they are used a ton. I have hunted with them and I would say its safe to say I’m shooting or taking someone shooting at least 3 times a month all year round. The ear cushions also snap in and out if something happens and they rip or crack but I have not had any problems with them.

I would have to say I have used these in about every situation you could imagine from hunting to sitting on the couch trying to muffle our some bad reality tv show the wife is watching while I try to write or do research. These things have served me more than I could have ever thought a pair of muffs could do. I recommend these whole heartedly for any of my readers and would spend money on another pair in a heartbeat. Do your self and your ears a favor and pick up a set of Howard Leight Impact Sport muffs. You will thank me later.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Just got mine in the mail Saturday. $57 shipped from Midway.

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