More About Women and Firearms in the News

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Along the same lines I closed out with yesterday, ABC news has a article today focusing on the trend of more women joining the gun movement.

I cannot for the life of me understand the women’s groups that beat the drum of women’s rights but oppose women owning guns. A woman owning a gun is the most liberating thing to do. Nothing makes a woman more equal to a man than having ready access to a sidearm. The bogus facts in the article about a woman being 3 times more likely blah blah blah is horseshit, and is just another example of twisting facts to try to fit their mythical story line.

We need more gun clubs reaching out to women on a local level to get them involved and show them that guns aren’t the scary creatures of death. My local gun club holds Ladies Night and in the warm months we usually have a pretty good turn out. Its just another idea I’m throwing out there for others to consider. Women are the future of the shooting culture. Like I said yesterday if we want our base to grow we need to get women active. Thoughts?  Comments?

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  1. Howie says:

    The only way that is going to happen is for us to take people shooting. You want to see more women in shooting then take a woman shooting. You want to see more African American people shooting then take one shooting. I was just listening to Gun Talk on my way home from the gun club meeting and he had a guest that is a self proclaimed liberal who is also a gun guy. So when it comes to gun people you can’t really exclude anyone. It’s not democrats vs republicans or men vs women ect. In today’s world with the current administration wanting to take are rights we can’t afford to alienate anyone.

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