First Impressions: Stoeger P-350

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So long story short I was at a National Wild Turkey Federation banquet on saturday night and won a Stoeger P-350.
I didn’t get home until around 1 in the morning but I was still excited about getting it out of the box and putting it together. When I opened the box it looked like someone walked on the box or dropped it. I understand things happen but it also looked like they also turned a cheese grader loose on the styrofoam. I spent another hour picking little white flakes out of the barrel and action.

After I was satisfied with the tweezer job I stuck the barrel on it. I was pleasantly surprised with the red bar front sight. It is really quick to pick up even in the low light of my living room. Next I racked the action and it felt a little gritty but not any more than any other brand new shotguns I have felt. I’m kinda excited to get some Slipstream on it and see if I can record the difference on video to share. The trigger is better than expected, but I want to get it to the range before I make a final decision on the trigger.

After I played with it for a little bit I started to realize it felt a lot like my Benelli Nova. When I sat down tonight to start writing, like usual, I started doing some research. I was surprised to come to the realization as to why it felt like my Nova so much. Around the mid 1990’s Stoeger was bought by Finnish rifle company Sako. In 2000 Sako was acquired by Benelli Holding and eventually shifted to Benelli USA. Stoeger states that the technology and expertise of Benelli plays an integral part in the manufacturing process.

I’m thinking this will make a good trap gun for me to replace my Browning or I will let it go when someone comes along with the right amount of money. Decisions. Decisions. I will definitely get some slipstream on it and shoot it soon and report back.

We need 10 more likes on Facebook and someone is getting a new holster and some paracord bracelets. Don’t forget about shooters legion either.

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  2. […] I posted up awhile ago that I won a Stoeger P-350 and right away I felt how rough the action cycled and knew it needed to be taken apart and had some Slipstream applied asap.  So Sunday I made sure I cleaned up the reloading bench so I could tackle this for an article for everyone to read this week. […]

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