Ladies: Keep Calm and Carry On

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We all know the gun is the great equalizer. It can put a 110 pound woman on a level playing field as a 250 pound rapist. Here is a prime example. Even though you hear men constantly drumming the need for women to be carrying, the market is mainly driven towards men. I don’t know how many times I hear women say they don’t carry because they can’t find good means to conceal a gun. Like I said the market is driven towards men and there is a huge difference in what works for a man and what works for a woman. Women are shaped differently than men so a holster designed for a man is most likely not going to fit the curves of a lady and therefore would be too uncomfortable. Women also dress differently than men, and I will speak for all guys and say we appreciate that. Jeans designed for ladies are not impossible to get an inside waist band holster into, but add the form-fitting shirts that are common for women and it makes outside waist band holsters a no go also. So today I want to point out some options for women that will help them and point them in a direction that is actually FOR THEM.

First I will start with what will be most convenient for women, purse carry. It is very rare that a woman will leave home without some form of handbag so naturally that is the first place a woman will think of placing her gun. Convenience is the main idea around this option but it comes with its downfalls also.  Companies like GUN TOTE’N MAMAS and Designer Concealed Carry offer products from all sides of the price spectrum. I was fortunate enough to meet both at SHOT Show this year and see some of their products and they both offer well thought-out products. There are a few things to think about when considering off body carry like this. First is if you would happen to leave your bag somewhere not only did you just lose your money, credit cards, and identification but you also lost your gun. Another thing to consider is the would be purse snatcher. Most of the bags from the two companies I mentioned above have reinforced straps which are both a positive and a negative depending on how you carry your purse. Also, think of the situation where some guy runs past, grabs it and keeps running but you manage to keep ahold of the strap, now you are in a tug of war with this guy and your gun is now inaccessible. Clint Smith said it best, “Carrying a gun isn’t supposed to be comfortable, it is supposed to be a comfort” and I stand by that statement which is why I say that off body carry is a last option. I will not advocate against but if nothing else will work I say a gun in the purse is better than a gun left at home.

Belly bands are a great option for the woman especially when doing things like jogging or working out and even in work situations. Like I mentioned earlier, women have a few more curves than men and a belly band work higher up on the torso just under the curvy features in that area will conceal nearly any carry sized pistol. These work great when wearing skirts or slacks with no belt loops. Another bonus is they can be adjusted high or low and move the firearm around the body for maximum comfort and concealment. Some bands come with an extra pocket to carry personal effects like i.d. and even cash. The down side of the belly band is when putting the firearm into the band you generally muzzle yourself so it is best to place the gun in the band before putting it on. Just be certain that you are being extra cautious when adjusting the band.

Compression undergarments come in shorts styles or tank top styles, and are another way to carry when your outer clothing is lacking belts or belt loops and even when you don’t have the rigid support around the waist like when you wear a skirt or sweat pants. Made from surgical grade elastic, they fit very tightly around the body and make it possible to have a firearm on either side along with a reload on the other. The tank top style isn’t going to be considered a fast draw method. The gun will sit just below your armpit and getting to the gun in a high stress situation is going to be tricky. You can find more info on both these products from UnderTech.

Next we will hit on the most common place to carry for the rest of the market and that is IWB (inside waist band) or OWB (outside waist band) holsters. The problem with most holsters is again they are designed for men. Pretty in Pink  is a company out of Canada that makes both IWB and OWB holsters for women by women. Concealment Solutions is an American company that I suggest if you are looking for an OWB hybrid holster made with both leather and kydex. I own the Sidewinder and my wife has put it on and said it was very comfortable for her.

The last option I want to introduce is a very neat design and it is made by another all women’s company called Flashbang Holsters.  They make two holsters that attach to the bra. The first is called The Flashbang and the second is called The Betty. These are very unique and interesting. I contacted the company and they are sending me a couple of samples. Stay tuned for more to come from Flashbang Holsters from Absolute BS.  You can find a video on YouTube showing the Flashbang holster in action.

I hope this post helps at least one woman out there find what she has been missing. If it does, my mission is accomplished. I feel that in order for the our movement to grow and further itself we need to make the gun culture more inviting towards women. I have decided that when I start providing training women will take priority. We need mothers saying they are taking the kids shooting. It will be the mothers changing the minds of PTA’s across America and actually doing things to make our kids safer instead of politicians proposing useless legislation. Ladies, if you ever have any questions feel free to contact me I will do all I can to help you and get you the answers you need.

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