Next Level Training’s SIRT Training Pistol

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Reviews
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I have been wearing this thing out for over a month now and I love it. But first let me start at the beginning.

For about two years now I have been wanting a SIRT pistol ever since I heard Mike Hughes talking about it on the GunDudes podcast. I have always been an advocate for dry fire practice and developing muscle memory. When I got to SHOT the first place I hit up was Next Level Training’s booth to check these out. After playing with one for a matter of 30 seconds I realized this was the tool I have been missing for so long. So I ended up picking up the Performer Student 110. They start at $235 and include the Training Pistol, 1 weighted magazine, and a training DVD. It sounds pricey, but keep in mind the savings I have made in ammo alone. And times like this it is hard to go to the range and not blow 40 to 60 bucks every time you go. Also, if you consider our current situation and the inability to find ammo anywhere it is painful to even shoot what you have.

But what is it?!?!? Well I’m glad you asked. The SIRT training pistol (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) is “Patent pending shot indicating laser, resetting trigger combined with the simulated weight of the pistol and magazine, a red trigger take-up indicating laser (that can be conveniently turned off), and replaceable sights, all in a self-contained package. Designed by shooters for shooters to make training anywhere easy and fun!”

But what do you do with it?!?!?!?! Another good question. YOU TRAIN! In my case I come home from work, pick it up, take my Glock 19 out of the holster and place it away from where I am training (Notice the emphasis) and I place the SIRT in the holster and get to work. I usually practice for 15 min to a half hour depending on how I’m feeling. I start with practicing my draws and work my way up from there. The DVD that is included is very informative but I decided to buy an additional tool to help give me a little more. The book Champion Shooting: guaranteed Results in 15 min A Day  is filled with great drills and most importantly for me, par times. I like to have a number to shoot for and this book has beginner, novice, and expert times added to every drill to show you where you stand. This brings me to the other piece of equipment I use to supplement my SIRT pistol and that is my cell phone. On my Droid I have a shot timer app downloaded. The SIRT trigger is loud enough for the phone to pick it up so set I set my par time and get to work! The all black sights make it a nice challenge to find the front post, and I have noticed that when I switch back over to my real gun the front sight really stands out even though it’s still stock Glock. (yes I know I’m taking care of that shortly)

Another use I plan for my SIRT is when I teach new shooters. In a class room setting I feel this could be more effective as a teaching device than a simple blue gun, and on the range it will be easy to diagnose a shooter’s flinch with the dual lasers. The possibilities are endless in my mind now about how I could apply it.

I have really enjoyed myself so far and can’t sing the praises enough. The only set backs I can say is I wish it came with more than one magazine but you can buy extras separate. Actual Glock mags just won’t fit so if you plan on practicing mag changes I have started with just the pistol and the mag in my mag holder. I still press the mag release like I’m dropping one out of the mag well and just pretend. The other thing i noticed is the trigger comes set fairly heavy. This can be adjusted to your liking.  The wife isn’t so impressed with it since our basement walls are lined with Post-it notes that double as targets for me when I get home and start practicing. She also less than thrilled that when she is watching her TV shows like the Batchelor I tend to stop typing on my laptop long enough to click red dots on the foreheads of all the self-absorbed fake contestants.


Me and Mike Hughes from Next Level Training

Mike Hughes from Next Level Training and Top Shot

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  1. […] ways it comes in super handy. First off, when I work out I like to incorporate dry fire with the SIRT pistol like I talked about in an earlier review. The belt makes it very easy to wear a pair of gym shorts and still be able to have the gun and 4 […]

  2. […] I want to be extra clear when I say that Valkyrie Defense Group goes above and beyond when it comes to safety in the classroom and out on the range. We take the safety rules and go a step further with them. When we are demonstrating different types of ammunition we use dummy rounds that I have deprimed and removed the powder myself or snap caps. We check every gun that each instructor brings to the class for visual aide twice when it enters the classroom. When any gun is used for demonstration purposes it is inspected again. When it comes time for students to bring their firearms into the classroom they are checked at the door to ensure that every gun is unloaded and again by the other instructor when they take their seat. “NO LIVE AMMO IN THE CLASSROOM” to us isn’t a suggestion. Our strict standards of safety don’t stop there either. Each instructor when in the classroom carries an inert pistol such as the standard blue gun or a SIRT Training pistol from Next Level Training to give everyone another added level of safety when demonstrating. (You can find the review I did on my SIRT Pistol here.) […]

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