The Other Side is So Angry

Posted: February 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I thought long and hard about if I actually wanted to link to this blog and bring him more traffic.  This is gonna piss you off when you first read it. Just remember I warned you.

I thought about sitting down tonight and dissecting this whole article but decided against it. The comments pretty much sum it up for me as I’m sure it does for you too. I only wanted to post this to prove my point that the “anti’s” have their own narrow scope they view the world through. It is evident when he claims that companies will flock to Colorado because of the safe haven they are creating. Keep dreaming buddy. Tell that to Chicago and Detroit. This is what we are up against folks.


Now admit it, the second time you read it you laughed a little didn’t you?





  1. Laiken says:

    This guy is a tool. Simply put.

  2. John P says:

    Absolute – don’t let these idiots get to you brother. I am not even reading the drivel coming from these left wing, self promoting asshats anymore. It’s not worth getting stressed out over. Nothing we say will change their minds, they want change and they want it now. It doesn’t matter if the proposed laws aren’t going to change anything, they just want something done so they can go back to their boring self-centered lives.

    • absolutebs says:

      I love your response and totally agree. I am not stressing at all so no worries. We will continue to keep using facts and common sense in a polite way to prove our points while we let the other side lie, cheat, and name call. Always remember we are not worried about changing the “anti’s” mind, it is the fence sitters and undecideds that we need to teach. Acting the way this guy did only puts a bad taste in someone’s mouth who came looking to be informed on the issue at hand.

  3. theduke69 says:

    what the hell is that guy smoking OH thats right they smike dope there LOL

  4. Dp says:

    Im glad he posed that, I actually enjoyed it. I did find several flaws though.

    I would like to thank the author for the tip about drowning kittens in a rain barrel…before I always just bashed them on the head with a loaded Pmag.

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