Be A Mentor

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I saw this picture awhile back and saved it. I knew one day I would think of someway to use it. Right now we are in a time where first time buyers and new shooters are flooding the market. Forums are going to be blanketed with so called “newb” questions. Now is the time where we need to reach out and help these newcomers.

If you are an experienced shooter and feel you are capable of helping someone get the fundamentals down and help then get started do it. If you can demonstrate safety, do it. If you can find parts and ammo…. tell me where first, then help a new shooter.

We want more Americans to be shooters. The more of us their is exercising our rights the harder it is to take them away. This is the anti-gun crowds last stand. The gun culture is growing too big for them to take on and they know it’s now or never. The fight isn’t over do not stop with the letters and emails to your representatives and reach out to your fellow Americans. Take a new person shooting. Show them we are not what the media portrays us as.



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