My Long Road to A Suppressor is Getting Shorter

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Photo courtesy of SWR's Facebook page

I got a call on monday that my Form 3 has cleared and my SWR Specwar (that I ordered last February) is at my dealer’s shop waiting on me. Now I need to write my trust get my Form 4 filled out, write the ATF a check, and wait some more. It’s that easy!

I got to play with one while at SHOT and I really liked it. We will see how it feels on the end of the gun since it is a bit heavier than the titanium ones but the sound dampening is greater. I thought it was a fair trade off since this is going on my long range AR and it will be shot stationary from the bipod more than on the carbine. My biggest concern is my match loads and how they will work together with the Specwar. I’m hoping not to have much of a POI (point of impact) shift but you can never be certain until you give it a go and see what happens.

Here is a link to the Specwar so you have an understanding as to what I’m talking about. I am planning a how to buy a suppressor topic in the future but I was excited and wanted to share my joy for a minute.

Don’t forget to head over to our Facebook page and click like or you can do it at the top left of this page. In the last few days things have started taking off and we are past the halfway point for the giveaway. Make sure to tell your friends and get them on board. The sooner we get 150 is the sooner I can give a NUoSU holster to some lucky guy along with some really nice paracord bracelets.



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