The Colorado Special

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Exclusive only to Colorado residents but it is cool to see The Suarez Group stepping up to fight the new laws for as long as they can.

This is their statement:

We received the tragic news that the state of Colorado had gone over to the dark side and embraced the ways of Mordor. For an entire day we have been reading debates and rhetoric. Our good friends at MagPul will be leaving the state and moving to the free state of Nevada. We congratulate them on their choice and we will continue to support them via the sales and endorsement of their products.

Nonetheless, The Suarez Group wanted to…needed to do, something to show solidarity with those stuck behind the lines in Colorado. Although we do not have the resources of larger companies, we want to do something notable.

We will show the socialists in Colorado that their oppressive laws on the people of Colorado are totally irrelevant by flooding the state with High Capacity M4 Assault Rifle Magazines before they close and lock the gates to the New Iron Curtain.

We have sets of ten (10) TSD Combat Systems M4 Magazines. These will only be sold to residents of Colorado at reduced rates, and only shipped to civilian Colorado addresses. We will not sell them to any official agency in the state, nor to any gun stores or dealers.

I know many want these magazines, but our beleaguered brothers need these more than we do.

Very cool! So if you are from Colorado and need some mags before all the crazy rains down on your once free state get them while you can!

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook at the top left of the page so you can join in the conversations. We are growing daily towards our 150 like goal when someone will be winning a custom kydex holster for the pistol of their choice and some very fine paracord bracelets!


  1. Martin Wade says:

    The legislature of Colorado has been co-opted by Michael Bloomberg and his billions and transplants from California. The majority of the legislators are lawyers and people with degrees in some kind of social services. They pretend that they are working for the people when, in fact, they are supporting Obama’s paln to enslave the United states.

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