Ohio: It’s Time To Fire Some Employees

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I had two readers send me this link this week. I don’t think it is any secret where I live by looking at the majority of the followers on Facebook so without a doubt I need to take time to discuss this issue. I think it is appropriate for all Ohioans to accept this placeholder legislation as resignations from the senators that have chosen to support it since this is a direct violation of the oath they swore to the citizens of this state on their first day on the job.

Let’s call out the folks responsible for this abortion of a bill shall we?

(Smith is the author the rest are co-signers.)

Now we need to take a close look at what this actually does. Other than spitting into the face of every Ohioan this placeholder shows a common theme we see in most of the recent anti-gun laws. This part shows what I mean:

(B) Division (A) of this section does not apply to:

(1) Officers, agents, or employees of this or any other state or the United States, members of the armed forces of the United States or the organized militia of this or any other state, and law enforcement officers to the extent that the officer, agent, employee, or member is authorized to possess or acquire an assault weapon and is acting within the scope of the officer’s, agent’s, employee’s, or member’s duties

It looks to me like good ol’ Shirley is creating special classes of people if you ask me. See the laws are only for the little people, they don’t apply to employees of the state, agents, or officers from other states either.  Also the idea of ” a firearm and ammunition transactions database” is absurd. The cost alone in a database along those lines would be astronomical. But I’m sure it’s for the children.
I have a request, according to a press release from the Ohio senate she is looking for consult with groups on both sides and I ask that she calls me. I would love to weigh in on this subject. Mrs. Smith you know how to reach me, my contact info is at the top of this page. I would love to let you know exactly how unconstitutional your idea is to believe that your special government employees have more rights than the normal average Ohioan. I would also love to explain to you how this is a direct violation of your office too. The same goes for any of the other anti-liberty Senators that co-sponsored for Smith.
I have one last thing to say before I close this post out. All six of these Ohio senators need to take a step back and wipe the blood of dead children off their shoes. They need to realize that dancing on the graves of victims murdered by sick, twisted, individuals is not the way to push their anti-gun ideas on Ohio’s law-abiding citizens. Do Ohio your best service yet and resign from your office officially and save us the trouble of having to deal with you until it’s your turn at the election booth.
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