Biden: ‘Buy a Shotgun! Buy a Shotgun!’

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Drunk uncle Joe is at it again. He is back on his shotgun is greater than Ar kick. I just don’t know what is more disturbing in this video, the fact that he tells his wife to go outside and fire warning shots up into the air not knowing where they might land, or the idea of his that an AR is less woman friendly than the shotgun.

He also goes on to assume that the two negligent warning shots his wife fires is going to automatically scare off any intruders. Well Joe, you better hope so because now she is out of ammo. But if she had one of those scary “normal capacity” magazines she would still have 28 more rounds. Again numbers don’t lie, 28 is greater than 0, so the AR wins. That is just the math of it, we haven’t even gotten into the physics of why the AR is better for women.

Find a new lie Joe, people are catching on.


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