Magpul Leaving Colorado is One Step Closer

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The Colorado house of representatives passed four very anti-gun bills on Monday. By doing so puts Magpul one step closer to finding a new state to take their $85 million dollars in tax revenue and hundreds of jobs.

Colorado citizens need to start beating down the doors of their state senators and putting some real pressure on the governor. It is up to you to fight for your freedoms.

Call, write, and email daily. If your cries are ignored again during the next election make a statement. Get rid of the employees that are incapable of following orders from their constituents. Remember they work for you. Laws can be repealed but that is the long road, and not the most favorable route, so keep up the pressure now and make it not come to that.

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  1. theduke69 says:

    These assholes in colorado think Magpul is bluffung But they are NOT. And Colorado will be worse off for it

    • absolutebs says:

      The reports I have seen is $85 million in tax revenue. Any state will be willing to bring that into their budget. Colorado lawmakers at this point know its going to be horrible for their state but want to pass shitty feel good laws to show the country they are serious while knowing full well it will have no effect on gun violence. I hope every representative that supports these bills get fired the next election cycle.

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