Completing the VSM Pistol 1 Class and a Grenading Pistol

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Wow! What a great day. I think everyone will agree it was a very humbling and exhausting day. The amount of knowledge absorbed in such a short amount of time was immense.

The day started out like any normal class with a safety briefing and discussing range commands. Then it was into the range where we started the first test. The class was spotted with tests to gauge the shooter’s ability. All tests were pass fail. As requested by the instructors I won’t put the details on here so future students can’t game them. All these tests were designed to push the shooter out of their comfort zone and show the shooter what an advanced shooter is capable of on command with no warm up. Myself and one of my shooting buddies tied with passing two tests each. I will give him all the credit of being the top shooter of the day he was consistent on all the drills where I struggled at times. One other shooter passed with one test. As I said it was a very humbling for everyone in the class. Every shooter I talked to at dinner following the class said they walked away with at least something they can work on at the range the next time they go out. Whether it’s ball and dummy drills, drawing from concealment, or in my case not letting my nerves get the best of me everyone walked away knowing more about themselves as a shooter. I will cover some drills to practice in the future.

I also realized one thing about the group of shooters I shoot with on a weekly basis. I am very fortunate to have a group of guys who will push me to be a better shooter every time we go to the range. Everyone needs to get a shot timer and one or two buddies who will mock, ridicule, and abuse you if you are last on a drill. It makes you a better shooter. My friends and I are already talking about the next class we can take because we want to fight for that top spot again.

The class was put on by G&R Tactical. The lead instructor Grant was full of knowledge and a great teacher. He wasnt afraid to demonstrate any of the tests he asked his students to perform. The same goes for the assistant Ben. I said in earlier posts how I feel it is essential for a trainer to demonstrate what he expects out of his students and meet or exceed his own standards.  We were even fortunate enough to see Ben perform his famous upside down between his legs shot. I will have another write up on Grant and G&R Tactical in a later post.

One more thing that made the day a memoriable one was on the last test of the day one of our readers, and a good friend of mine had a little problem. He was flying through the last drill of the day when BOOM!!! The magazine in his Glock 19 flies out the bottom of his gun and out of insticnt and reflex he throws the rest of the gun to the ground. We all knew there was a problem because he sound of the shot was something we hadnt heard all day long. Reader H was ok, he had a blackened hand and was kinda shocked. After we counted 5 digits on each of H’s hands we started inspecting the gun. The easiest way to describe it was it was hollowed out by what we are figuring was an over charged round from the factory. The run down of damage is mag blew out the bottom as I already said, the mag release went flying, the trigger was broken into pieces, extractor broke in half, and the frame cracked. All of this is expected out of a modern day gun if you have a failure of this level. If it wasn’t for the Glock safety features the extent of his injuries would have been have been horrible.

I talked to Reader H today and he said he has a bit of a blood blister or just some wicked brusing on his trigger finger he thinks it could be from the trigger breaking or the pressure that exited through where the trigger used to be.  H also told me it seemed as if the gun actually swelled in his hand as the gun when off. He knew something was wrong when he heard the sound of the round and said it took him a second to throw the gun down and feel the pain that he described as someone smacking his hand extremely hard. All in all he is in good spirits and in already looking for another new gen 4 19 for a replacement. He also asked me not to mention what manufacturer the ammo was until he gives them a chance to make it right. If they dont he said I am free to run them through the mud, and make sure everyone knows what to expect if they would happen to have a problem using this particular brand.

We got a few pictures:

missing extractor

Missing extractor


The blown out mag and some of the pieces off to the right side we found.

shooters hand

Reader H’s hand and some more fragmented pieces.

inside extractor

Looking inside you can see where the extractor broke and part is still in the slide.

internal shot

Looking into the barrel you can see some of the cartridge that remained

side profile broken trigger

A shot of the broken trigger and missing mag release.

cracked frame

The crack in the frame.

group shot vsm pistol 1

Group shot. All fingers were accounted for!

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