Obama: More Deadly Than Assault Weapons

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It’s true. Obama’s drone strikes killed more people than the all the scary assault rifles owned by Americans in 2011.

This study shows that there were 367-600 people killed with drone strikes that year. And according to the FBI in 2011 only 323 people were killed with rifles. We need to take into account that the figure from the FBI includes ALL rifles not just the scary black ones.

So it is fact that Barack Hussein Obama was deadlier in the year 2011 than civilian owned assault rifles. We need to ban the president! Remember it’s for the children….


*I got the idea for this post from The Truth About Guns but they used a Feinstein quote as their reference for the number of deaths a year by assault rifles. I went and found a concrete number to be certain this was indeed factual.


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