Forming the Modern Day Militia

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I am a huge fan of what I would like to describe as a modern-day militia. A group of volunteers to aid local sheriff departments in times of need. Well this guy is Pennsylvania is reading my mind!

It think this is great! We have volunteer fire departments so what is different for a volunteer group of citizens there to help the police force? Unlike the federal level of government the local governments can’t print money and actually have to operate inside a budget. Those budgets are getting smaller and smaller each year and this is where I believe that the modern-day militia fits back into American society.

Thanks to Hollywood and the media the term militia has become a seemingly dirty word. When I say “modern-day militia”, I’m not talking about a group of guys in their ill-fitting camo they picked up at the local surplus running around with rifles, grab assing in the woods on the weekends. I think of it like the sheriff described as a group that has undergone training and is legitimately recognized by local and state agencies. Think about the things a modern-day militia could do, from security at local schools, to ride alongs with officers when they are short-staffed, all the way up to assisting with local events such as parades.

I believe this idea will instill a sense of pride back into local communities that has dwindled over the last few decades. It will take us back from “that guy up the street” to “Frank, who was assisting officer Griffith with mall security.” There will be more discussion of modern-day militias in the future I’m certain of it.

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