Gearing Up For a Vickers Tactical Class This Weekend

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I have looked forward to this weekend for 2 months now. Me and a few other readers and local shooting buddies are taking a Vickers Shooting Methods Pistol I class on Saturday.

The class description off Vickers site describes its as:

This class is for shooters who have had at least a basic pistol class either from Vickers Tactical or any other accredited instructor. State concealed carry certification classes specifically do not qualify. Topics covered include basic pistol topics and the following: malfunction drills, shooting on the move as well as strong hand and weak hand shooting. Introduction to timed fire drills and evaluations based on class skill level. Concealed carry methods are also covered. Night-fire will depend on time of year and range restrictions.

The guys at G&R Tactical are putting it on for us. They described it as “a heavy diagnostics class where we closely examine what you are doing as a shooter. Every round counts and you will be have to push hard in order to pass many of the tests and drills.”

I wanted to just do a run down on the gear I will be using and testing at the class. Starting from the top down I will be running my Howard Leight electronic muffs. As always I’ll be rocking my Suunto Core that you have seen in some of the recent Facebook pics I recently put up. Around my I’ll be wearing my ATS War Belt  (that you can also see in the recent Facebook pic) with ATS’ mag pouches and a G-Code holster with the 2.5″ drop attachment. Lastly I will be sporting my trusty pair of 5.11 pants that I have worn the crap out of and have been meaning to write a review on. As usual I will be shooting the work horse, my stock Glock 19. This is the gun I carry concealed daily and lays by my bed at night. If we do any low light shooting I will be blasting the dark away with my Streamlight ProTac that I reviewed recently.

I have been meaning to write a review on the War Belt setup but haven’t felt that I have run it through the ringer enough to give a good enough review to satisfy myself. Hopefully after this class that will change and I can bring you one shortly.

Be sure to get over to Facebook and like the blog over there so you don’t miss any pictures and updates I put up throughout the class. (You can also just click the like button at the top of the left column) Also don’t forget about the giveaway. We have gained a few more likes but we are still a ways away from the 150 goal so keep encouraging your friends to like the page.



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