AR = America’s Rifle?

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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This is a pretty long read but it’s a good one.  Since the anti-gun crowd makes it a point to mislead the uninformed that AR stand for assault rifle, I like counter that by defining AR as America’s Rifle. I know full well it stands for Armalite Rifle and I usually point that out before I give it my definition.

One other thing I would like to point out is the gun shop owner in the picture. Did anyone else notice his demonstration of the Unsafe Salesman from my earlier post about the 9 Types of Gun Counter Guys? Keep your booger hook off the bang button please.

One last thing before I close this one out, Im thinking about another giveaway soon but its going to be based on the number of Facebook likes. 150 seems like a good number. I’ll have more on it later but start rallying your friends now!



  1. Ryan says:

    What picture.

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