Congratulations to the Winner!!

Posted: January 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Congrats banannies0206! You are the winner of the first ever Absolute BS giveaway! I have sent you an email and you have 24 hours to claim your prize before I randomly select another winner.

Here is the process and photos of selecting the winner.

I first wrote every subscriber by email and Facebook down and numbered them.


Then I used and applied the total numbers I needed and it randomly selected the number 21.


Going back to the list I wrote out we see banannies is the lucky number!


Congratulations again and I will be eagerly awaiting your response!

I am already planning another drawing soon. I’m thinking another milestone number of subscribers will probably warrant another giveaway. I am trying to think of a way to out do this one so any suggestions would be great.

Thanks for the great turnout and support. I have big plans for the blog in the future with interviews and lots of reviews. I made some great contacts in Vegas and I think there are great things to come. Im still working on the photo dump of SHOT Show items but some needed edited so please stand by for those.

Again thanks for all the support. Keep the word spreading and the likes and subscribers coming.


  1. Adam says:

    #18 is a gay.

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