Day 2 of SHOT

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Day two started off interesting, since as the show was opening the president as making his “war on gun violence” speech as I would like to call it.


Every TV on the way into the show was surrounded by curious SHOT attendees waiting to see where the president was going to draw the battle lines.

One of my early stops was Springfield to see the XDS 3.3 in 9mm.


I’m not an XD fan but,it is going to be big for them. And, if Glock doesn’t hurry up on bringing me a single stack 9 pretty soon im going to have to make an off brand purchase. (More on that in a minute)


Michael Bane was there giving them an award as I was walking through.

Up next was an interesting concept from Arsenal Firearms. The AF2011-A1 is the industry’s double barrel semiautomatic pistol.


They also had a very neat design that was very Glock’ish called the Strike One. I plan on heading back by there today to see more of it. There was a large number of people gathered around the display, and I couldn’t get a good picture.

One thing I saw that was very innovative and new was the Nautilus Rotating Rail (NRR). It can be mounted to any AR style platform and allows the user to have instant access to multiple accessories with out tools, or removing other items on the rails. Each section can be rotated in 45° increments in either direction by pressing the actuating button.



I will be contacting them for more information later, for more details.

We have covered nearly 90% of the show at this point, and with two days left I plan on getting to some booths that I was unable to get good pics of the new products. Don’t forget to subscribe and share we are over our 50 subscriber goal but we don’t wanna stop there. The swag bag is so heavy I probably wont be able to get it into my checked bag with out putting it over my 50 pound limit. There is a good possibility I might have to mail it home.

Until tomorrow,

  1. Jagz says:

    Why no pics of AAC Rachel?
    She’ll make you famous!

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