Day 1 of SHOT

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Day one is in the bag and needless to say im exhausted. We put a pretty good dent in level 2. We got time with companies of all types today. I had to keep my wallet close to me. Companies like Next Level Training (makers of the SIRT training pistol), Geissele, and Edge Tactical Eyewear have products here that have been speaking to me since I have seen them.

We have seen some pretty cool new products and handled a couple new weapons that are just too cool. Magpul showed up with a minibus with a minigun on top.


Magpul's attempt to make hippies cool.

They also have a new MOE Grip for the AK. Also they just announced a new line of accessories for the Mossberg 500.

The glock area was busy as expected. The new G30s is the latest and greatest along with 4 more models now available in Gen 4 configuration. The 30s I did find out will fit in G19 holsters. One more thing I found that Glock has available is a GRT. It is a training pistol with a resetting trigger but with no lasers and no weighted mags. It also comes priced at about $600 so the SIRT is still the trainer of choice in my opinion.


Some of the members of the Glock shooting team were there giving demonstrations also. We will be headed back to glock tomorrow early so I can get a few pics of their training gun.

We did finally get to see the TAVOR SAR and it really is worth all the hype. I will do an entire post on it later but for now I’ll give a little details. It is a bullpup configured polymer body 100% ambidextrous rifle that comes in 5.56, 5.45, and and 9mm.

It also comes is two different colors.

Somebody on Facebook asked about KelTec and I didn’t see anything new or exciting. I did get to hold the KSG. I’m going to say expect the same from them this year that they have something cool you want and will take a life time to get available to you.

All this is just a fraction of what we saw so I have no shortage of literature and information to bring you over the next few weeks. Walking into the show was complete sensory overload. We heard numbers of 65,000+ in attendance and even though it’s on three levels there isn’t much room to move about.

I will be headed over again shortly to brave the sea of gun nuts like myself so if there is anything you are reading about that you would like me to make sure I get some pictures of leave me a comment on here or Facebook or you can also email me at

Also don’t forget to keep pushing for likes and subscribers. We are at 51 right now and the giveaway is open until I return on Sunday. I have a really nice package put together and it’s growing each day of the show.

Until tomorrow,


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