The First Absolute BS Giveaway!

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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That’s right folks, we are handing out free crap now! Here is the deal, we are nearing 30 subscribers now and when I get back from SHOT show I want to have at least 50 but we are shooting for more. There are two ways to subscribe. First, on the main page in the left column you will find a follow us via email tab. There you will be able to sign up to receive email updates. The other way to enter into the giveaway is to Like us on Facebook. To increase your odds you may sign up with both options.  Share this on your Facebook, with your friends, and shooting buddies to get the word out and more onboard. You may be wondering what you will be winning? I really don’t wanna give anything away, but lets call it a “SHOT Show care package.”

The day I get back (as long as we are at 50 or more) I will be taking all the names and combining both the likes and emails and randomly selecting a winner. If we aren’t at 50 yet I will keep a close eye on it and the day we hit the magic number I’ll make the announcement.

This is hopefully only the beginning. I’m actively looking for ways to expand and bring my readers more and better. After this milestone we will be setting another number and the next giveaway will be bigger. This blog is relatively a new idea of mine but i have big goals set. By the end of 2013 I would like to have over 500 subscribers.

So again share, subscribe. and tell your friends then sit back and cross your fingers that you get some free swag coming your way!



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