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Posted: January 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I’m sorry. That is the only way I know how to start this post. This is podcast is going to lead to headaches, loss of brain cells, and slight drooling from the corner of your mouth.

The Gun Dudes podcast is one of the most addicting I can name. Hosted by Carl “the short man”, “Old man” Stan, “Tactical” Tommy, and Travis “the Red shirt.” Four gun loving UPS employees by day and superhero firearm podcasters by weekend afternoon. If you are looking for an hour of off the wall movie quotes mixed in with good firearms knowledge and a lot of laughs this is your go to show on monday mornings.

Over 225 episodes fill their archives, and I’m not sad to say that I have listened to everyone! Their shows usually stick to a good outline starting with self-defense in the news, followed up with a “misfire award”, after that they hit you with a good show topic, and finally end with listener emails. But if you make it that far be sure you stay conscious for the easter egg that is at nearly every episode. The outtakes are some of the funniest parts and have literally had me in tears more than once.

I think the thing that draws me to this show is the wholesomeness. I can actually feel like I’m there with them hanging out listening in. It’s just like any conversation that me and my shooting buddies are going to have sitting around our local gun club over cups of coffee. The laid back atmosphere they provide along with a level-headed approach to firearms handling, sport shooting, and self-defense is just what anyone can use on a monday morning.

These guys are number one on my playlist every monday and I can’t recommend them highly enough. You can find them and subscribe to them right here or on the ITunes network.

Until next time, subscribe and share often!



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