The Breakdown of 10 Bills Introduced to Congress January 3rd, 2013

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I want to take a minute to outline the 10 bills proposed on thursday and see if there is actual improvements in any of them or if they’re all “feel good” laws.

First up with 4 bills is Representative Carolyn McCarthy a Democrat from New York. Her first proposal is H.R. 137 . This bill seems to be aimed expanding the NICS system to include all persons prohibited from purchasing firearms.  Her next bill H.R. 141  is aimed at closing the so-called “Gun show loophole.” Already 17 states regulate private firearm sales at gun shows. Seven states require background checks on all gun sales at gun shows: California, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Oregon, New York, Illinois and Colorado. Seeing that this law already exists where two shootings took place it wouldn’t make a difference. Her next attempt is H.R. 138, which bans the possession and sale of “high-capacity” magazines.  Again its just another feel good legislation based on fear of an inanimate object. Finally, her last attempt at gun control she offers H.R. 142. For some reason, this bill got my blood boiling over the rest of her suggestions. This bill attempts to restrict ammo sales to a face to face basis, require ammo dealers to be licensed, and require the reporting of bulk ammo purchases. Doing away with internet sales, along with requiring ammo dealers to essentially acquire an FFL, will drive the cost of ammo up higher than the latest panic buying frenzy.

Rep. Bobby Rush proposed H.R. 34. This bill would require the licensing for purchasers of certain firearms and a record system of sales for those firearms. The last part of this worries me  with it stating, “and for other purchases.”  What the hell does that mean? Does this essentially create a blacklist of people who own scary black rifles and begin to pave the way for an all out registration? Coming from a politician from Illinois I can’t say that I’m surprised.

Rep Rush Holt brings us H.R. 117 that would require mandatory licensing and registration of handguns. I don’t think this needs any commentary.

H.R. 21 is brought to us from Jim Morgan. This sounds great from the title,  “To provide greater safety in the use of firearms.” Who doesn’t love safety right? But lets see what the congressman says for himself:

Require background checks for every firearms purchase.

Background checks for firearm stores employees.

Prohibit individuals on the terror watch list from purchasing firearms.

Require gun owners to report to police when their guns are lost or stolen.

Establish minimum standards for concealed carry permits.

All of these suggestions can be deceiving. Take for instance, the individuals on the terror watch list portion. We all have heard stories of innocent people getting applied to a no-fly list with no way of getting off. If put on this list by accident, is there a way to get it corrected? Background checks for every firearm transfer? Does this mean private sales? What about intrastate sales? This would exceed the federal governments powers given by the Commerce Clause. Reporting the gun lost or stolen I see that as common sense. But establishing minimum standards for concealed permits is a violation of the 2nd amendment (this is a whole blog post on its own).

Sheila Jackson from texas introduced H.R. 65 to prevent children’s access to firearms. According to The Hill this would raise the age to carry a handgun from 18 to 21. So its ok to send 18 year olds into other countries with sidearms and rifles but not at home? Good call. I’m sorry Mrs. Jackson but (i am for real) 18 years of age in this country is the legal age of an adult and we need to start treating them as such. Younger men have died in battle protecting the freedoms you enjoy.

The next two proposals are from Republican congressmen. Steve Stockman with H.R. 35 : Restore safety to america’s schools which has one co-sponsor, Mr. Paul Brown. And finally from Thomas Massie comes H.R. 133 which seeks to repeal the Gun-free Zone Act of 1990 and all the amendments to that act.

So out of ten proposed new laws we see 8 feel good things that have not done anything to have any effect on preventing the shooting at Sandy Hook. And of those, 7 only look to capitalize on the opportunity that the nation is still healing and emotions are still high. Two on the other hand, seek to correct the problem of former feel good legislation that was passed, which essentially turned our schools into a shooting gallery for the wicked and deranged.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I also hope it shed light on the laws we aren’t hearing much about yet. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email or comment below. Also before I bring this to a close, please contact your representatives and let them know how you feel, it truly matters more than you think.

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