Streamlight Protac HL 600

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Reviews
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Not many people get as excited about flashlights as I do. I get especially excited when it’s 600 lumens for under 100 dollars!

The Streamlight Protac HL 600 is the brightest flashlight I have owned to date. The 1″ diameter body is made of anodized machined aircraft aluminum. The 1.5″ bezel is o-ring sealed, and waterproof for 30 minutes at 1 meter. With those two dimensions and the body being only 5.4″ long and only weighing 5.6 oz with the cr123a batteries installed this light is very easily handled. Sporting 3 three modes of operation (high, low, strobe) that are easily selected by tapping the switch momentarily. The beam is very smooth which is expected out of a textured aluminum reflector. Streamlight claims the beam will reach 253 meters. I haven’t measured it but if their claim isn’t accurate it’s not far off.


The heart of the light is a Cree XM-L LED. The “HL” in the name stands for “high lumen” and oh buddy this is the farthest thing from false advertising. Streamlight recommends using only name brand lithium batteries is this light which is why it comes with 2 Duracell cr123a’s included.


The HL 600 is also Streamlight’s first light to feature the ten tap programming. User programming has taken time to make it into the flashlight market and this is Streamlight’s first attempt. The ten tap programming lets the user choose from three separate modes of operation. The factory setting comes with high, strobe, and low. The second setting is high only. And the third setting is low, high.


It’s no surprise I’m a concealed carry advocate, but I’m also of the mindset that everyone needs a less than lethal option. The HL 600 fits this role nicely with its crenelated (thanks word of the day calendar) bezel and painfully blinding 600 lumens.

Included in the package along with the light and the batteries is a soft holster. This is the only complaint I have so far. The “holster” is pretty much worthless since reholstering is a pain. I recommend finding or making a kydex one that will make drawing and putting away much easier.

To bring this post to a close I will say I highly recommend this light to anyone looking for a light to fill the role for self-defense all the way to just a plain utility light. With MSRP at $130 but actual pricing falling in the ballpark of $75 including a lifetime warranty from Streamlight this light is hard to beat.


Any other questions on things I forgot to cover just include them in the comments below.


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