Let’s Talk About Connecticut…

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I think it’s about time to talk about the Connecticut shooting. What better way to start your third blog post as making a bunch of people really upset by touching on a very delicate subject?

First we need to look at the shooter and the situation surrounding the shooting. I would like to say now that anyone who could commit such an atrocity doesn’t deserve the same rights as any of us. Being able to walk into a school and shoot 6 and 7-year-old kids is truly a monstrous act and can only be performed by the most deranged person. Unlike the mainstream media I will refuse to use the name of the person who could perpetrate such a crime. If this kid in fact did this horrific attack in order to gain fame, I will not be of assistance to that. I will only refer to him as the shooter or gunman unlike the mainstream news who will plaster his Facebook photos all over every TV screen across America.

Of course I don’t feel this is a gun issue, I feel this is more the mental health issue as does a large portion of Americans. Here we see a poll showing that Americans see banning guns forth on a list of six. The same poll unsurprisingly shows that Democrats see the banning of guns would be more effective than Republicans and Independents. I believe people who are afraid of firearms are certainly hell-bent on destroying the second amendment. Here are a few examples of those types of people:

Governor Andrew Cuomo

Rahm Emanuel who said never let a good crisis go to waste.

The laughable Mayor Bloomberg

President Obama himself is making calls for some form of restrictions and has called upon drunk Uncle Joe (aka Vice President Biden) to help with a committee to find ways to bring about more laws that will be ignored by criminals and only hinder the law-abiding persons such as ourselves.

There is also another side of this tragedy I think nobody is focusing on because the mental health issue is such a big topic. I’m a solutions guy, I’m not going to start posting and complaining about something to my readers only to end it and not try to offer at least one solution. When I look at what happened in Connecticut I see many things that went wrong, but one thing stands out to me. The mother who allowed a child who was suffering from mental health issues to have complete access to her guns. As responsible gun owners we need to take responsibility as to where we are keeping our guns and how we are storing them. Knowing that her son suffered from an illness that could possibly make her son lash out she obviously didn’t have the guns stored in a manner where her son could not access them. She paid the ultimate price for this mistake. If any of my guns is not on my person, and is not on my nightstand, it is in my safe. I have small family members around sometimes that I do not want having access to the firearms unless supervised.

There will most certainly be more discussion on this topic. The media circus surrounding the shooting isn’t tiring out anytime soon. The fight for our gun right has once again begun and this tragedy alongside the Aurora shooting from a few months back is really getting the anti-gun folks up in arms…. literally..

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