We made it! Now more about BS.

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Obviously my previous post was my first instead of my last and we are all still here. No zombies, no aliens, no asteroids, no Mayans, all disappointment!

I left off last post holding off on telling about myself. I’m going to not really get into too much detail since im a pretty private person. I will say that I have been married for a year and a half to a wonderful lady that I hope puts up with me for many more years. I am an avid shooter, reloader, and student of anything that interests me. If it has to do with Glock, modern sporting rifles, or generally anything that goes boom it will most likely make me smile and it’s going to most likely be covered in Absolute BS.

As I said I’m a student to anything that interests me. I’m sure my wife will attest that once i get headed in one direction on a certain subject I’m going to go full blast until I learn all i can. As part of my 13 skills I included Teaching and I hope to bring my readers on my quest to become a firearms instructor. I hope to acquire my NRA instructors license and expand my knowledge by taking as many classes as possible. At this moment I have a Vickers Tactical class planned for the month of February. Of course I will be giving a review and my opinion of all the classes I will be taking.

Another thing I hope to do with Absolute BS is bring my readers a review of all the products I acquire and use. I plan on fair and accurate reviews and hope that if I find a product isn’t worth the time or money I can save my readers both.

Before I wrapped this up today I wanted to touch on the initial topic that first gave me the idea to start the blog and that is SHOT SHOW. Excited doesn’t come close to describing my feelings for this opportunity. I hope to bring so much information here that it makes you feel like you the reader is there with me. I’m planning on making a list of all the booths I want to see which will include vendors and training companies. Any suggestions or requests for certain things that you would like me to cover feel free to email me or put it in the comments section below.

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  1. […] have gone over in my head how I choose a trainer and my mind-set when looking for a class. As I have stated in earlier posts my year goal is to become certified to teach through the NRA. It’s my feeling that a teacher is always a student. I never stop learning. I love learning, […]

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